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   Today is exactly one year since February 24 lasts for us.
    A full-scale invasion changed everything and everyone. But we saw for ourselves and showed the world what it is to be Ukrainian. We are stronger, braver, kinder and more united than anyone thought. We are a nation with a thousand-year history, no matter how much the enemy tries to deny it. We love our land, our loved ones, and that is why we will not be overcome by the darkness that has tempted us to take it away.
    A year ago, no one could have even imagined that all of us standing up for the defense of the Motherland (some in the ranks of the Armed Forces, some becoming volunteers, some working and supporting the economy) would surprise the whole world by destroying the myth of "3 days". None of the experts who gave us these three days are able to calculate the strength of the people, its spirit. And we are strong. And although the date of our final victory is still open, we know that this day will come.

    Together to victory!
    Everything will be Ukraine!